The Lumpkin Foundation and the Illinois Consolidated Telephone Company provided funding for Bugscope. The environmental scanning electron microscope was purchased through a Major Research Instrumentation grant from the NSF (9871103) and the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology. The IBM Shared University Research Program and the Informix Software Innovation Grant Program provided additional support. The NSF Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program (PACI REU 98004) provided undergraduate student support to contribute in the evaluation of scientific instrumentation applications for research and education.

The Bugscope project would not have been possible without the interest and participation of teachers and students across the nation. We especially thank them for their enthusiasm.

The classroom stories about the project have been featured in newspapers nationwide through the assistance of Deborah Aronson. We thank her for this help. We would like to thank Martin Ceperley, Joseph Sapp, and Philippa Soskin, who were former members of the Bugscope operations team, for their contributions.