ITG Lands $2 Million Award from NSF for New X-Ray Nanotomography Instrument


ITG has been awarded $2 million from the National Science Foundation's Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program to acquire a revolutionary multi-length scale x-ray nanotomography (nano-CT) instrument. This device, which will be the first such instrument at a US university, will support nondestructive internal 3-D imaging of samples as thick as 0.1 millimeter while resolving features as small as 30 nanometers in width. The award, which was for the full amount requested ($1.998 million), puts it in the top 1% of MRI awards historically (in terms of funding level), and is the largest MRI award ever made to UIUC. As a result, the nano-CT will become the most expensive instrument in ITG by about $1 million, and should cement UIUC as a center for micro- and nano-tomographic imaging. The grant effort was led by ITG Director Ben Grosser and Materials Science Professor Paul Braun. We hope to have the instrument up and running in Spring 2008.

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Posted: September 4, 2007