Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope (NSOM)


Near-field scanning optical microscopy permits the user to collect data using typical optical contrast methods such as absorption, polarization, and fluorescence with a resolution approximately one order of magnitude smaller than the wavelength of light. This technique takes advantage of the fact that light may be directed through a 50-nm aperture at the end of an optical fiber that may then be scanned across the surface of a specimen. The fiber tip is held tens of nanometers above the surface, and both a topographic and optical image of the sample may be generated simultaneously. Fluorescence (UV/Visible light range) spectra may be recorded by holding the tip over a single feature.

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Primary ContactLeilei Yin
Manufacturer(Fabricated in the laboratory)
Equipment ModelMultimode NanoScope IIIa
Features- Transmission
- Reflection
- Collection NSOM
Related Equipment- Fiber Puller
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