Clean Room

The BioMEMs Laboratory is a multi-user clean room within the ITG group of the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology. The BTC-Lab is dedicated to micro fabrication of devices, sensors and the direct patterning via photolithographic techniques. The laboratory is composed of a small clean room with basic photolithographic patterning capabilities and chemistry lab to aid in cell and micro fluidics studies. Research is conducted in a number of areas related to biological engineering, including: patterning of cells for signal transduction and controlled cellular function; micro to nano-fluidic transport of proteins; various types of spectroscopy of organic molecules in micro-flows; among other BioMEMs and sensors related research. ITG users need to reserve time to use the Clean Room.

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Primary ContactsScott Robinson
Equipment Available in the Lab- AxioScope A1 with AxioCam ICc3 color camera
- Class 500 clean room
- Cee 100 Programmable Spinner
- Kasper Contact Aligner
- March Plasmod
- UV block lighting
Phone (217) 265-5071