Stereoscope (Dissecting Scope)

The Zeiss SV11 stereomicroscope permits users to examine and record images of relatively large specimens, such as entire rodent brain sections or intact embryos, using reflected light or backlighting. Its color CCD camera is linked to a computer that utilizes Image-Pro Plus sotware so that ITG users may store images to their own museum volumes. This instrument also has a fluorescent light source and is thus ideal for the examination of green fluorescent protein (GFP) in intact organisms and tissues.

A chart for immersion oil types can be found here.

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Primary ContactMark Bee, Scott Robinson
ManufacturerCarl Zeiss, Inc.
Equipment ModelASV11
Features- Epifluorescent illumination source
- Color CCD camera for documentation
- Hg lamp for low magnification fluorescence
- Image Pro Plus software
Phone(217) 244-6928
(217) 265-5071
Related EquipmentA free-arm stereo dissecting microscope (no camera) is available in the Wet Lab.