Fluorescence Light Microscope (LM)

The Zeiss Axiovert 200M inverted research-grade microscope is configured to perform fluorescence microscopy as well as differential-interference contrast (Nomarski) and phase-contrast microscopy. The addition of a stage heater, motorized stage, and shutters to minimize light exposure allows users of the facility to perform live cell microscopy. The entire system is driven using Zeiss Axiovision, a sophisticated software package which facilitates image collection. A particularly useful feature of this software is the ability to montage multiple fields of view, allowing composition of images of very large specimens. Images may be acquired using a Roper Scientific Cascade 512B EMCCD camera, a Zeiss AxioCam MRm camera or a Zeiss AxioCam HRC color CCD camera. The system is also equipped with Zeiss Apotome structured illumination system to increase widefield fluorescence contrast and for optical sectioning.

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Primary ContactsDianwen Zhang, Mark Bee
ManufacturerCarl Zeiss, Inc.
Equipment ModelAxiovert 200M
Features- High resolution color CCD
- B/W EMCCD with 90% QE
- High resolution color CCD
- Phase contrast high NA DIC
- Zeiss Axiovision Software
- Time-lapse
- Z-stacking
- Mark & Find
- Tiling
- Apotome structured illumination
- Stage heater
- Motorized stage
- Shutters to minimize light exposure
Phone(217) 265-5071
(217) 244-0170
Related EquipmentClean Room
User ResourcesGeneral Information and Operating Procedures
AxioVision LE Rel. 4.7 viewer software
Filter sets