Wet Lab

A small wet laboratory available for specimen preparation. ITG users do not need to reserve time to use the Wet Lab.

For additional information about this facility, see the Calendars, Contacts, and Fees pages.

Primary ContactsScott Robinson
Equipment Available in the Lab- Reverse osmosis water purification system (Millipore)
- Dual-Metal Evaporator (Denton DV-502A)
- Low Speed Bone Saw (Buehler, IsoMet)
- Critical Point Dryer (Samdri-PVT-3D)
- 60 C Embedding oven
- Corning pH meter 320
- Dissection scope (Olympus SZ30)
- Fume hood
- Microbalance (Denver A-250)
- Microcentrifuge
- Osmium Plasma Coater
- Sonicator
LocationB612 (first room on the right)
Phone(217) 265-5071
(217) 244-9655 (Room B612)