Data Storage

Last updated August 4th, 2017

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When using a computer in the ITG Labs (Microscopy Suite or Vislab), your ITG Data should automatically mount as drive Z: (Home), and if you have them W: (CTData) and P: (Groups). However, you can connect to your ITG Data from anywhere in the world using these instructions:

If you are outside the campus network, you’ll need to first connect to the campus Virtual Private Network. (VPN) Installing and configuring VPN is not difficult, please follow the instructions here:

If you change your CITES AD Password you must delete the old mapped network drive; it will no longer work because your password is different. Once you delete the old mapped drive you can reconnect another one with your password.


Sometimes a Windows computer outside of ITG's network might have trouble connecting because it is repeatedly trying to connect to the wrong domain. There is a fix!
Using a Mac?

Using a Linux machine?
There are at least two ways to connect to Windows shares on Linux. The most common way is to use the graphical user interface (GUI), as shown on this website: This method is flawed because you only have access to files through the GUI window, you do not have command line (hard mount) access to your files. Certain programs like Matlab and Amira require command line (hard mount) access to files. The better method of connecting to your Windows share is to use the /sbin/mount.cifs command. Here's how:

ITG Home Directory: ITG CTData Directory: ITG Groups Directory: *** don't forget the uofi\ in front of your netID, without the uofi\ the connection will fail.

*** CTData and Groups folders are given by request only

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