Image Capture

The Visualization Laboratory has several cameras and supporting equipment to facilitate the image capture needs of researchers. This lab is well-equipped for macro photography, macro video, ultra high speed video, and other photography/video needs. Most equipment may be borrowed on a one-day checkout basis, with longer checkout periods for special circumstances and projects. You can read more about this equipment below. Online reservation calendars are available for reserving each item. Due to high purchase and maintenance costs for high speed cameras, these unique instruments have hourly or daily fees. Still cameras and non high speed cameras do not incur additional fees, as they are covered under the regulary Visualization Laboratory monthly usage fee. All fees are posted here.

All Vis Lab equipment can be used by any registered Vis Lab user who's account is in good standing only for research related activities.

High Speed Video

High speed video cameras capture processes that occur at speeds undetectable with the human eye, allowing users to slow down video playback in order to visualize and measure these events. The ITG currently has 3 state-of-the-art high speed video cameras, each with disntinct features and capabilities to meet a variety of research needs.

Photron Fastcam SA-Z (Color)