Most packages listed below are installed on every Windows and Macintosh machine in the Visaulzation Laboratory, while others can only be installed on selected workstations due to cost and licensing restrictions. The Linux machines have a smaller subset of packages as well. Software that is not installed on every computer is noted with an asterisk (*). For locating software packages that are not on every machine, consult the workstations page.

If the ITG does not have a particular software package that would assist in your research in the Visualization Laboratory, please contact us describing your need. Depending usage, need, and cost, we may be able to purchase it. Free and open-source software can almost always be installed on all machines upon request from lab users. Just let us know and we'd be happy to install these applications for your research.

* only installed on certain machines, consult the workstations page for locating these applications.
Macintosh only
Windows only