University of illinois Urbana-Champaign


Microscopy Suite Access

This page contains information for how to gain access to use the Microscopy Suite. See Fees and Policies pages for further information not covered below.

Microscopy Suite Registration

Please contact the Microscopy Suite Staff to schedule an orientation time and set up your account. To become a registered user of the Microscopy Suite, you must first be trained and approved to use each particular instrument or ancillary piece of equipment or individual facility that you intend to use. Details of each of these can be accessed on the equipment pages. Training is set up by appointment with the relevant staff member. The length of training will vary according to the complexity of the technique and the experience of the user. Before beginning training, a user must fill in a registration form that supplies contact and billing information.

When setting up your ITG account, please email us the following:

  • University NetID
  • University billable account number (CFOP)
  • Department name, group, advisor (if applicable), email and campus addresses, phone number
  • A brief description of the intended project(s) to be completed in the lab
  • A completed facilities usage agreement (non-Urbana campus users only)


To access the Microscopy Suite, you need an Urbana campus issued i-card. If you do not have a permanent Urbana campus i-card, a temporary card can be issued to you. After your new user orientation in the Microscopy Suite, you will then need to visit the Beckman Institute Security office (room 1237) to have your i-card access activated for the door to enter the lab.

Once registered with ITG to use the Microscopy Suite, you have access to use the Microscopy Suite facility 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.