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Microscopy Suite Calendars

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Please be advised that if you reserve a piece of equipment, you have 30 minutes from the time you placed your reservation to claim your spot, or it will be given up to another student who may need that equipment. If complications arise to where you cannot make your reservation time, please notify the Microscopy Suite by either phone or email and someone can assist you.

For more information on each piece of equipment, see the Microscopy Equipment page.

Calendar Description
AccuSizer FX Particle Sizer Focused extinction system for the determination of complex multimodal particle size distributions between 0.7 and 20 microns.
Anton Paar Litesizer Particle-Sizing System The Litesizerâ„¢ 500 is an instrument for characterizing nano- and microparticles in dispersions and solutions.
Atomic Force Microscope (MultiMode AFM) Capable of contact, tapping, phase imaging, and multiple force modes in air or liquid cell; STM head; J-scanner with x,y range of 125 microns and vertical range of 5 microns; A-scanner with x,y range of 1 micron and vertical range of 400 nm.
Autosamdri 931 Critical Point Dryer Enables nondestructive drying of biological, biomaterial, and material samples from 100% ethanol.
Courtesy 1 Courtesy Computer
Courtesy 3 Courtesy Computer
Deben Tensile/Compression Stage Deben Tensile/Compression Stage
Deep UV Raman Confocal Imaging Microscope The Deep UV Raman confocal imaging microscope is a home-built spectral imaging system that is optimized for the UV-to-visible spectral range.
Desk II Sputter Coater Turbo-pumped sputter coater with rotating/tilting stage, film thickness monitor; various targets, including Au, Au/Pd, Pt, Al, Ti.
Desk V Sputter Coater The Desk V Sample Preparation system, equipped for both evaporation and sputtering
Diamond Knife Diamond Knife (use with UCT if available)
Dual Source Metal Evaporator Used for high vacuum coating of carbon and other materials as an adjunct to TEM, SEM, X-ray microanalysis, and other research methodologies.
Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope ESEM with field-emission electron gun, EDAX energy-dispersive spectroscopy, Peltier-effect heating/cooling stage, 1000µ and 1500µ C heating stages, Everhart-Thornley SED, three GSEDs, backscattered electron detectors, electrical feedthroughs, and more.
Fiber/Micropipette Puller Laser controlled instrument for pulling glass fibers to very fine tips; used primarily for NSOM.
Fluorescence Light Microscope Fluorescence, phase contrast, high NA DIC. Software facilitated image collection.
Glow Discharge System Glow discharge is a mild argon-plasma etch of the surface of carbon-stabilized Formvar-coated TEM grids that removes atmospheric contaminants on TEM grids, rendering them hydrophilic for several days.
High Pressure Freezing High Pressure Freezing
Inspection Light Microscope Zeiss AxioScope A1 capable of bright-field, dark-field and DIC microscopy imaging.
Leica SP8 UV/Visible Laser Confocal Microscope 405, 458, 488, 514, 561 & 633 nm laser lines, 28 fps Full Range Resonance Scanning, Tiling, FRAP, FRET.
Linkam Heating and Cooling Stage Linkam Heating and Cooling Stage
Low Speed Bone Saw A precision water-cooled rotary saw intended primarily for fine sectioning of SEM samples.
Micro-Spectroscopy Workstation Inverted microscope for visible to near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy (300-1700 nm)
Multiphoton Fluorescence Confocal Microscope (FCS/FLIM) ISS Alba FCS instrument with single-photon and multiphoton excitation, plus laser scanning module. Capable of FCS, FLIM and FRET imaging.
NanoSight NS300 The NS300 allows rapid, automated analysis of the size distribution and concentration of all types of nanoparticles from 10nm to 2000nm in diameter, depending on the instrument configuration and sample type.
NICOMP 380 ZLS Particle Sizer Dynamic light scattering instrument for determining the particle size distribution of particles in a liquid.
Oxygen Plasma Asher Oxygen Plasma Asher
P-6 Stylus Profiler The P-6 stylus profiler continues the tradition of best-in-class technology and performance by incorporating many features from KLA-Tencor's automated P-16+ stylus profiler.
Raman Confocal Imaging System The Raman confocal imaging microscope is a high-resolution research-grade Horiba LabRAM HR 3D-capable Raman spectroscopy imaging system that is optimized for the visible-to-NIR spectral range.
Rigaku CT Lab HX Now available! The Rigaku CT Lab HX130 is a versatile CT scanner that can cover high-resolution (2.1 µm voxel) to a large field of view (up to 200mm) scans.
Rigaku CTLab GX130 CT Lab GX series, for ultra-high-speed, high-resolution 3D X-ray micro CT. Using the Sample-Stationary Method, these new devices can perform CT scans in 8 seconds at top speed, with a minimum resolution of 4.5 µm.
Rigaku Nano 3DX Rigaku Nano3DX X-ray Microscope
RMC Powertome For the preparation of thin sections for electron microscopy
Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (S)TEM Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (S)TEM
Stereology Workstation Trace, plot, and analyze structures and cell distribution. System includes all modern stereological probes, Zeiss AxioImager A1 light microscope, Optronics MicroFire Progressive Scan, motorized stage, stereological analysis tools.
Ultramicrotome Multi-illumination pyramid and knife edge, dual automatic advance system, control unit with cutting speed control, memory for five speed combination settings. Capable of ultrathin sectioning from 50 nm to maximum 5 micrometers.
Widefield FRET & TIRF Microscope The Zeiss Axiovert 200M is equipped with a high sensitivity cooled EMCCD camera. The system is capable of fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) microscopy for a number of well-known FRET pairs, such as ECFP-YPet.
Zeiss SteREO Discovery V20 Microscope Zeiss Stereo Zoom Discovery V.20 Light Microscope with AxioCam 820 and Phantom high speed cameras.