Downstream Asher

hydrogen plasma cleaner

The present use of the ibss Group GV10x Downstream Asher is to create a plasma from incoming room air that removes hydrocarbons and other contaminants from the surfaces of (S)TEM sample holders so that they may be inserted into the microscope with minimal effect to the vacuum in the column



  • Chamber adapted to handle Thermo Fisher FEI holders
  • Individual SEM samples, mounted on stubs, can be placed inside the chamber
  • Given notice, we can set the Downstream Asher up to run with 5% hydrogen/95% argon to clean oxides off of SEM samples, and with 5% argon/95% oxygen the Asher can be used to clean thick carbon deposits off of optical components.

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Primary Contacts
Secondary Contacts
Manufacturer ibss Group, Inc., Burlingame, CA
Equipment Model GV10x, Chamber Model A01
Location B0606D
Phone Numbers Scott: (217) 265-5071, Cate: (217) 333-5493