Upright Multiphoton Confocal Microscope


The Bruker Ultima upright multiphoton microscope is capable of simultaneous or sequential imaging, electrophysiology and uncaging/photostimulation on in vivo and in vitro specimens. The microscope is equipped with a Spectra Physics Insight laser X3 laser for multiphoton excitation. The laser has two outputs - one is a tunable from 690 nm -1300 nm and the other output is a fixed 1040 nm. Two visible lasers 473 nm and 561 nm are available for photoactivation.  


  •      Olympus PLN10X; Plan Achromat 10x/0.25, WD 10.5 mm
  •      Olympus XLUMPLFLN 20XW; 20x/1.0 objective, WD 2.0 mm
  •      Olympus LUMPLFL40XW/IR-2; M Plan Fluorite 40x/0.8, WD 3.3 mm
  •      Olympus LUMPLFL60XW/IR-2; M Plan Fluorite 60X/1.0, WD 2 mm


  1. Resonant Scanner for high speed imaging.
  2. Full field photoactivation with 470 nm LED.
  3. Bruker substage detectors.
  4. Bruker Prairie View imaging software.


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