Microscopy Suite Equipment Fees

Fees/rates for use of equipment in the Microscopy Suite determined through analysis by Government Costing, University of Illinois. In effect starting July 1, 2018; subject to change.

Dual Source Metal Evaporator

This Denton DV-502A automatic turbo-pumped carbon evaporator has been reconfigured to permit successive coatings of two different metals without breaking vacuum. The most common example of dual-metal coating is the application of 10 to 12 Angstroms of chromium onto super clean and dry glass slides or coverslips, followed immediately by an application of (often) 50 nanometers of gold. The chromium serves as a transition or adhesion layer that allows the gold to adhere permanently to the glass. The transformer that powers the electrodes has been wired with two separate circuits so that the left-side electrode (Cr) operates at 12 volts/90 amps and the right-side electrode (Au, Pt, Ni, Al, C, and Ag, among others) operates at 24 volts/45 amps. Metal coating may of course be performed with or without chromium, as desired. The system utilizes a film-thickness monitor to ensure accurate coating thickness, a shutter system for switching sources, and a set of masks or slide carriers to facilitate coating.


  • 250 LPS turbo pump
  • integral LN2 trap
  • manual control of evaporation using baskets, thread, or electrodes
  • rotary stage may be installed

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Primary Contacts
Secondary Contacts
Manufacturer Denton Vacuum, Inc.
Equipment Model DV-502A
Location Wet Lab
Phone Numbers (217) 265-5071


* The fee for use is added to our purchase cost for the specific precious metal (gold, gold-palladium, or platinum) expended during coating. Gold and gold-palladium are charged at $0.30/nm, and platinum is charged at $0.45/nm. The added fee is easy to determine for the dual-metal evaporator, for which total thicknesses are reported in nm. For the sputter coaters, at 65 mTorr and 40 mA, gold coats at 3 nm/10 seconds, gold-palladium coats at 1 nm/10 seconds, and platinum coats at 1 nm/10 seconds. So a standard 70-second coat of gold will cost an additional (21 x 0.30) $6.30, a 70-second coat of gold-palladium will cost (7 x 0.30) $2.10, and a 70-second coat of platinum will cost (7 x 0.45) $3.15.

**The Xradia NanoCT system requires staff setup of the sample before X-ray collection.

***The actual hourly cost for this instrument is $91.31. The Beckman Institute subsidizes the TEM at a rate of $41.31 per hour for Internal university users. Enterprise Works users are charged the full $91.31 per hour.