Microscopy Suite Equipment Fees

Fees/rates for use of equipment in the Microscopy Suite determined through analysis by Government Costing, University of Illinois. In effect starting July 1, 2018; subject to change.

Fluorescence Light Microscope

The Zeiss Observer Z1 inverted research-grade microscope is configured to perform fluorescence microscopy as well as differential interference contrast (DIC or Nomarski) and phase contrast microscopy. The addition of a stage heater, a motorized stage, and a set of shutters to minimize light exposure allows live cell imaging. The entire system is driven using Zen, a sophisticated Zeiss software package which facilitates image collection and system control. The installed ZEN Tiles & Positions module allows scanning specimen in large area and aligning the individual images precisely in relation to one another, and provides the optimal basis for imaging and analyzing the area larger than the field of view. The microscope is equipped with three advanced cameras - two Zeiss cameras, the monochromatic AxioCam MRm and the color Axiocam 503 for normal image acquisition, and a Roper Scientific Cascade 512B EMCCD camera for high performance imaging in low light applications.

Tables for the Zeiss Objectives can be found here.
A chart for immersion oil types can be found here.


  • High resolution color CCD
  • B/W EMCCD with 90% QE
  • Phase contrast high NA DIC
  • Zeiss Axiovision software
  • Time-lapse
  • Z-stacking
  • Mark & Find
  • Tiling
  • Apotome structured illumination
  • Stage heater
  • Motorized stage
  • Shutters to minimize light exposure

For additional information about this piece of equipment, see the Calendars, Contacts, and Fees pages.

Primary Contacts
Secondary Contacts
Manufacturer Carl Zeiss, Inc.
Equipment Model Axiovert 200M
Location B606 B
Phone Numbers (217) 333-4387, (217) 244-6928


* The fee for use is added to our purchase cost for the specific precious metal (gold, gold-palladium, or platinum) expended during coating. Gold and gold-palladium are charged at $0.30/nm, and platinum is charged at $0.45/nm. The added fee is easy to determine for the dual-metal evaporator, for which total thicknesses are reported in nm. For the sputter coaters, at 65 mTorr and 40 mA, gold coats at 3 nm/10 seconds, gold-palladium coats at 1 nm/10 seconds, and platinum coats at 1 nm/10 seconds. So a standard 70-second coat of gold will cost an additional (21 x 0.30) $6.30, a 70-second coat of gold-palladium will cost (7 x 0.30) $2.10, and a 70-second coat of platinum will cost (7 x 0.45) $3.15.

**The Xradia NanoCT system requires staff setup of the sample before X-ray collection.

***The actual hourly cost for this instrument is $91.31. The Beckman Institute subsidizes the TEM at a rate of $41.31 per hour for Internal university users. Enterprise Works users are charged the full $91.31 per hour.