Microscopy Suite Equipment Fees

Fees/rates for use of equipment in the Microscopy Suite determined through analysis by Government Costing, University of Illinois. In effect starting July 1, 2018; subject to change.

Rigaku CTLab GX130


The Rigaku CTLab GX130 is a high-performance x-ray computed tomography (CT) instrument that provides high-speed imaging and can accommodate larger samples than our other CT systems. The maximum field of view for a single scan is 72 x 33 mm (specifics differ, depending on scan speed). In high-speed mode, a full scan may be performed in 8 seconds; high-resolution scans take about 1 hour. The x-ray source is a 39-watt tungsten-anode micro-focus tube that is adjustable from 30 to ca. 130 kV. Because the CTLab GX130 system utilizes a stationary sample bed, it is ideal for in-situ experiment designs.

CT Lab GX series, for ultra-high-speed, high-resolution 3D X-ray micro CT. Using the Sample-Stationary Method, these new devices can perform CT scans in 8 seconds at top speed, with a minimum resolution of 4.5 µm.

For additional information about this piece of equipment, see the CalendarsContacts, and Fees pages.


- Ultra-high-speed CT scan and image reconstruction
- High-resolution wide field-of-view measurement
- Incorporating the “Sample-Stationary Method”


For additional information about this piece of equipment, see the Calendars, Contacts, and Fees pages.

Primary Contacts
Secondary Contacts
Manufacturer Rigaku
Equipment Model Rigaku CT Lab GX130
Location B604
Phone Numbers (217) 265-0875, (217) 265-5071


* The fee for use is added to our purchase cost for the specific precious metal (gold, gold-palladium, or platinum) expended during coating. Gold and gold-palladium are charged at $0.30/nm, and platinum is charged at $0.45/nm. The added fee is easy to determine for the dual-metal evaporator, for which total thicknesses are reported in nm. For the sputter coaters, at 65 mTorr and 40 mA, gold coats at 3 nm/10 seconds, gold-palladium coats at 1 nm/10 seconds, and platinum coats at 1 nm/10 seconds. So a standard 70-second coat of gold will cost an additional (21 x 0.30) $6.30, a 70-second coat of gold-palladium will cost (7 x 0.30) $2.10, and a 70-second coat of platinum will cost (7 x 0.45) $3.15.

**The Xradia NanoCT system requires staff setup of the sample before X-ray collection.

***The actual hourly cost for this instrument is $91.31. The Beckman Institute subsidizes the TEM at a rate of $41.31 per hour for Internal university users. Enterprise Works users are charged the full $91.31 per hour.