Microscopy Suite Equipment Fees

Fees/rates for use of equipment in the Microscopy Suite determined through analysis by Government Costing, University of Illinois. In effect starting July 1, 2018; subject to change.

Rigaku Nano 3DX


The Rigaku Nano3DX is a high-resolution X-ray computed tomography instrument that utilizes a parallel beam and permits non-destructive 3D imaging. Its copper/molybdenum dual-metal target can be switched easily between 8- and 20-kV operation. Three separate lenses provide fields-of-view of 0.9 x 0.6, 3.5 x 2.6, and 14.2 x 10.6 mm. The X-ray detector, a Peltier-cooled CCD camera, delivers up to 3200 x 2400 pixels. The sample stage provides horizontal travel of ±1.7 mm, vertical travel of 12 mm, and 360-degree rotation.

Rigaku nano3DX is a true X-ray microscope (XRM) with the ability to deliver 3D computed tomography (CT) images of relatively large samples at high resolution. This is accomplished by using a high powered rotating anode X-ray source and a high-resolution CCD detector. The rotating anode provides for fast data acquisition and the ability to switch anode materials easily to optimize contrast for specific sample types.


- Ultra-wide field of view, 25X larger volume than comparable systems
- 3 X-ray wavelengths (Cr, Cu and Mo Ka) to optimize imaging for different sample matrices
- Parallel beam geometry for high contrast and rapid data collection
- Auto 5-axis (XYZ and rotation) stage and on-axis imaging system
- High resolution three dimensional (3D) images
- High power rotating anode X-ray source
- High contrast for low-Z materials
- High-resolution CCD imager

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Primary Contacts
Secondary Contacts
Manufacturer Rigaku
Equipment Model Rigaku Nano 3Dx
Location B604
Phone Numbers 265-0875, 265-5071


* The fee for use is added to our purchase cost for the specific precious metal (gold, gold-palladium, or platinum) expended during coating. Gold and gold-palladium are charged at $0.30/nm, and platinum is charged at $0.45/nm. The added fee is easy to determine for the dual-metal evaporator, for which total thicknesses are reported in nm. For the sputter coaters, at 65 mTorr and 40 mA, gold coats at 3 nm/10 seconds, gold-palladium coats at 1 nm/10 seconds, and platinum coats at 1 nm/10 seconds. So a standard 70-second coat of gold will cost an additional (21 x 0.30) $6.30, a 70-second coat of gold-palladium will cost (7 x 0.30) $2.10, and a 70-second coat of platinum will cost (7 x 0.45) $3.15.

**The Xradia NanoCT system requires staff setup of the sample before X-ray collection.

***The actual hourly cost for this instrument is $91.31. The Beckman Institute subsidizes the TEM at a rate of $41.31 per hour for Internal university users. Enterprise Works users are charged the full $91.31 per hour.