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Microscopy Suite Policies

These are a few basic policies of the Microscopy Suite to ensure smooth operation of the lab for all users. We will do our best to accommodate any unusual needs, as long as they do not interfere with the progress of others' research.

  1. Access to Microscopy Suite equipment is restricted to registered users who have been properly trained by ITG staff. Sharing of i-cards, keys, and/or username accounts is expressly prohibited and will result in termination of access to all facilities for the owner of the i-card, keys, or account.
  2. Users should use reasonable judgment when reserving time on instruments especially in cases of very heavily used instruments. This means that users should not block out large time periods for multiple days in a row unless they have discussed this with a member of the microscopy suite staff. In the case of conflicts between users we will enforce a policy of allowing only three time periods of 5 hours each to be on the calendar for any one user at a single time. However, we would always prefer to resolve any conflicts using less draconian measures.
  3. Microscopy Suite fees are subject to periodic review. Fees vary between instruments and fee structure is usually based on the annual maintenance costs for the particular equipment. Fees are assessed for initial training on the equipment, access to the equipment, and assisted use on the equipment. Please consult the complete list of current fees on the fees page.
  4. Unless otherwise noted on the equipment pages, all equipment is to remain in the Microscopy Suite.
  5. Certain supplies are available for purchase through the Microscopy Suite. See the fees page for a list. Other supplies must be supplied by the user.
  6. Staff members are available for training and consultation. For help on a particular piece of equipment, consult the staff member list or the equipment pages to correlate the most relevant staff member to the particular equipment.
  7. All additional UIUC policies apply in the Microscopy Suite.

Thank you for adhering to these brief policies and helping us operate the Microscopy Suite.

Policy Agreements
By entering your information and clicking on the SUBMIT button, you agree that you have read, understand, and accept the above policies for using the Microscopy Suite.