Last updated April 3, 2018 (TR)

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When using a computer in the ITG Labs (Microscopy Suite or Vis Lab), your ITG Data should automatically mount as drive Z: (Home), and if you have them W: (CTData) and P: (Groups). However, you can connect to your ITG Data from anywhere in the world using these instructions:

If you are outside the campus network, you’ll need to first connect to the campus Virtual Private Network. (VPN) Installing and configuring VPN is not difficult, please follow the instructions here:


  • If needed connect to VPN while off of the campus network
  • Open your start menu and type in Remote Desktop Connection, or browse to the the app...

Using a Mac?

  • ...
  • Username: uofi\netID (replace netID with your CITES netID)
  • Password: your CITES AD password

Using a Linux machine?

  • ...
  • All ITG systems have the proper mount.cifs commands installed, and users are given sudo access to run mount.cifs. If your are trying to mount Windows shares (via mount.cifs) on a non-ITG Linux machine, you will have to ask your sysadmin to install the proper mout.cifs command as well as give you sudo access to run that command.
  • The instructions above are known to work on a RHEL6 install. Other RedHat Linux levels, and other flavors of Linux, may not work the same exact way. But all OS's should have some root level access to hard mount Windows shares.



  • this will NOT properly end your session and you will be contiually billed until you properly end your session
  • if you intend to keep your session running, but need to close the window or disconnect your computer from the network or VPN, your session will continue, and you may connect angain at a later time, and continue where you left off.
  • Remember to use the start menu/log off to properly end your session and log off when you're finished.

The computer only allows 1 session concurrently:

  • if you try to log in, and receive an error that there is another user logged in, please do not continue logging in, because this will knock the other person off ending their processes. Contact this person first and ask when they will be done.
  • Use the calendar reservations page to hold time for the machine

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