University of illinois Urbana-Champaign

Visualization Laboratory

The Visualization Laboratory is one of two facilities supported by the Beckman Institute Imaging Technology Group. The other facility is the Microscopy Suite. The Visualization Laboratory is open to all faculty, students, and staff on the UIUC campus, as well as approved users from other universities and industry.

The Visualization Laboratory resources support a wide variety of projects for research including: 2D/3D/4D image analysis and quantification, scientific visualization, ultra-high speed video, macro-photography, macro-video, video production, 3D animation, high-resolution 2D scanning, research presentation, publication graphics, and additional capabilities in support of imaging.

These resources are provided to lab users through a broad variety of state-of-the-art hardware and software options. Consult the equipment pages for detailed information. Research staff are on hand to teach and aid each user in accomplishing his or her scientific goals within the Visualization Laboratory.

The Visualization Laboratory is located in the common space on the 5th floor of the Beckman Institute. Phone Number 217-244-3074. Email address is