University of illinois Urbana-Champaign

Multimedia Production

The Visualization Laboratory has many pieces of equipment that support multimedia production. The following lists contains major pieces of hardware comprising the Visualization Laboratory's multimedia resources. Minor items and accessories are not listed, however, if you are in need of multimedia equipment that you do see here please contact ITG staff about such items and we will evaluate them for potential purchase.

Permanent Equipment

  • Sony HVR-M25U DV, MiniDV, HDV Deck
  • JVC SR-V530 S-VHS, MiniDV Deck
  • Panasonic DMP-BD10 Blue-ray Disc Player
  • Sony UVW-1800 Betacam SP Deck

Portable Accessories

  • M-Audio Microtrack
  • Sennheisser G2 Wireless Microphone Kit
  • Lowel Caselite 4 Light Kit
  • Easyview EA33 FC/Lux Digital Light Meter

For information on audio/video and visual effects software available on computer systems in the Visualization Laboratory, please see the software page; for information regarding image/video capture, please see the image capturepage.