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High-Resolution Digital Brain Atlases for Behavioral Neuroscience

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Created 10/28/1999

The poster above was created by Janet Hanlon for the Neuronal Pattern Analysis (NPA) Group in the Beckman Institute. This poster displays the variety of research relating to the analysis and reconstruction of brain structures conducted by the NPA group. Many of the images seen in the poster were created using software and equipment available in the Imaging Technology Group. The three dimensional views of the rabbit brains were constructed from images of serial histology sections of a physical rabbit brain scanned using ITG flatbed scanners. The images were digitally processed and corrected using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photopaint, then stacked into a single volume of data using the Mayo Clinic's AnalyzeAVW software (as seen on the left). Analyze produced the initial wire-frame surfaces (visualized using software by John Cantey, et. al., center), which were then imported into Softimage to produce the rendered versions (as seen on the right). The poster was created using Adobe Photoshop and printed on the wide format printer administered by the Beckman Institute System Services. The original poster was approximately 32 inches by 48 inches.


  • K. Mungnirun , NPA, Beckman Institute
  • J. Hanlon , ITG, Beckman Institute
  • J. Cantey , NPA, Beckman Institute
  • J. Payne , NPA, Beckman Institute
  • A. Duvel , NPA, Beckman Institute
  • K. Gimbel , NPA, Beckman Institute
  • M. Gabriel , NPA, Beckman Institute
  • M. Nelson , NPA, Beckman Institute
  • D. Smith , NPA, Beckman Institute
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