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Acoustic Radiation Force Shear Wave Imaging

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Created 11/25/2008

This image reveals two frames from a larger animation depicting propagation of mechanical waves through a non-homogenous medium with a stiff spherical inclusion. The wave propagation was simulated on the Tera-Grid (NCSA, Urbana-Champaign) using 3D finite differences in time domain solver for visco-elastic medium developed at Urbana-Champaign. This data was then rendered using the open source visualization software Paraview, Sandia National Labs, Kitware Inc, and Los Alamos National Labs. The animation was then created in the VMIL using Abobe Photoshop and Apple Final Cut Pro software packages.


  • Michael F. Insana , Bioimaging Science and Technology, Beckman Institute
  • Marko Orescanin , Bioimaging Science and Technology, Beckman Institute
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