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Boundary Layer Flow over Rough Surfaces

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Created 9/8/2009

The top image shows two different views of a 3D visualization revealing a highly irregular surface, used to study boundary layer flow over rough surfaces and geographical obstacles generated with 3D printing techniques. The surface shown here was first created in MATLAB and then converted using Maya software, later it was printed using the ITG's 3D printer in the Visualization Laboratory. The bottom image shows the output from the 3D printer (The keys to the right are included for perspective/scale). Once printed, the roughness tiles are inserted in a turbulence flow unit for extracting flow measurements. This project is ongoing under the direction of Prof. Kenneth T. Christensen and his student Ricardo Mejia-Alvarez in the Laboratory for Turbulence and Complex Flow (LTCF) part of the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois.


  • Kenneth T. Christensen , Department of Mechanical Science & Engineering
  • Ricardo Mejia-Alvarez , Department of Mechanical Science & Engineering
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