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Cover for "Applied Physics of Nanotubes"

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Created 01/31/2006

The cover background image for the book "Applied Physics of Nanotubes: Fundamentals of Theory, Optics and Transport Devices," Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Series, Ser. Ed.: Ph. Avouris, Springer Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (2005), was designed by ITG. The image depicts a "Single-Wall Nanotube METFET inverter: organic molecules wrap around a metallic tube channel and modify it to a semiconductor while the second tube is used for gating". This image was produced in the VMIL using Cerius[sup]2[/sup], mol2mel, Maya, and Photoshop.


  • Ben Grosser , ITG, Beckman Institute , image
  • Slava V. Rotkin , Physics Department, Lehigh University , concept
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