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Cover for the Handbook of Nanoscience, Engineering and Technology

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Created 07/11/2002

The image is the submitted cover image for the Handbook for Nanoscience, Engineering and Technology (scheduled for publication on 10/25/02). The front cover depicts a model of a gramicidin ionic channel showing the atoms forming the protein, and the conduction pore defined by a representative potential isosurface. The back cover (left) shows a 3D simulation of a nano-arch termination/zipping of a graphite crystal edge whose structure may serve as an element for a future nanodevice, and as a template for nanotube growth. The back cover (right) shows five figures explained within the text. Cover design by Benjamin Grosser, Imaging Technology Group, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Ionic channel image (front) by Grosser and Janet Sinn-Hanlon; data by Munoj Gupta and Karl Hess. Graphite nano-arch simulation image (back left) by Grosser and Slava V. Rotkin; data by Rotkin. Small figure images by (from top to bottom): 1) T. van der Straaten; 2) Rotkin and Grosser; 3) Rotkin and Grosser; 4) B. Tuttle, Rotkin and Grosser; 5) Rotkin and M. Dequesnes. Background image by Glenn Fried.


  • K. Hess , CS , data
  • M. Gupta , CS , data
  • Benjamin Grosser , ITG, Beckman Institute , cover
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