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False-Colored SEM Image of Mature Human Erythrocytes

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Created 11/18/2008

The fibrin network responsible for clotting blood is visible in yellow, and the erythrocytes are colored in red. Acquired by Mustafa Mir of the Quantitative Light Imaging (QLI) Laboratory (, directed by Prof. Gabriel Popescu, at the Beckman Institute; false-colored by Sam Copeland, a graphic design student at the University of Illinois. The QLI Laboratory is focused on developing novel optical methods based on light scattering, interferometry, and microscopy to quantify structure and dynamics of cells and tissues.


  • Sam Copeland , Urban & Regional Planning
  • Mustafa Mir , Bioimaging Science and Technology, Beckman Institute
  • Huafeng Ding , Bioimaging Science and Technology, Beckman Institute
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