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High Precision 2-Photon Polymerization

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Created 01/06/2004

The image layout depicts structures over a large range of sizes created using 2-photon photopolymerization on the Leica SP-2 multiphoton instrumentation at the ITG. (A)Series of voxels polymerized while varying incident power intensity across the response range of the polymer system. The observable voxel size dependance on power is a direct implication of the two-photon polymerization threshold. (B) Large, region of interest produced using a complimentary scanning technique for beam control. (C) Close-up of the structure showing scan interlace offset and the exquisite detail which can be obtained using new initiators engineered for large two-photon absorption cross-sections.


  • Paul V. Braun , Advanced Chemical Systems Group, Beckman Institute
  • Stephanie Pruzinsky , Advanced Chemical Systems Group, Beckman Institute
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