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ITG Work on Cover of Nature

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Created 4/17/2007

The March 22, 2007 cover of the journal [i]Nature[/i] features an image designed by ITG for Beckman's Autonomous Materials Systems group in order to accompany their new article titled "Biasing reaction pathways with mechanical force". The paper describes research by Beckman faculty Jeff Moore, Scott White, and Nancy Sottos, and the article's lead author is graduate student Charles Hickenboth. The image depicts the way a mechanically active molecule, or mechanophore, reacts to an external mechanical force. Nature has also posted several supplemental videos that include clips from ITG-produced animations on self-healing materials. The animations and cover image were produced in ITG's Visualization, Media, and Imaging Laboratory. Details about the science behind the image are detailed on the Beckman group's Mechanics Meets Chemistry page. The UIUC News Bureau also has an article up.


  • Nancy Sottos , Autonomous Materials Systems, Beckman Institute
  • Ben Grosser , ITG, Beckman Institute
  • Scott White , Autonomous Materials Systems, Beckman Institute
  • Jeff Moore , Autonomous Materials Systems, Beckman Institute
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