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Mandibular Reconstruction

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Created 4/2/2003

The blue region of this image depicts an area of significant bone loss in a human jaw that has occurred as a result of gradual reabsorption of the bone material over time. Loss of teeth, disease, or other trauma may result in the loss of bone if not carefully monitored. In this instance, degradation of the jaw has exposed the nerve (in yellow) resulting in severe discomfort for the patient. The reconstruction of missing mandibular material was created by Janet Sinn-Hanlon from original CT data in the software packages Analyze and Rhino, available in the VMIL. Rhino created the rendering shown here.


  • Janet Sinn-Hanlon , ITG, Beckman Institute
  • Dr. Russ Jamison , Materials Science & Engineering
  • Dr. Michael Goldwasser , Carle Foundation Hospital
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