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3D Printed Architectural Student Model

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Created 5/2/2011

This is a 3Dimensional print of a 3D model built by Architectural Graduate student Yolanda Maria. The print was created in the Visualization Lab using a ZCorp 510 3D printer. The 3D model was created in Rhino 3D using NURBS modeling techniques, it was then converted to a polygon mesh for the 3d printing software. The printing software segments the 3D model into a hundreds of .1mm cross sections that are individually sent to the printer. This type of 3D printing technology prints a binding liquid, much like a 2D printer uses ink on paper. The printer bonds the multiple cross sections by printing the binder liquid onto a powder based composite building material. The 3D part is created by an additive layer-by-layer process. Users of The Visualization Lab are trained on the printing techniques which yield a physical prototype at any scale needed and can be sanded, painted and finished to give a professional presentation quality.


  • Yolanda Maria Baez Batista , Architecture Graduate Student
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