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Klein, Clebsch, Calabi, et al.

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Created 09/02/2008

Photographs of recent color 3D models printed on the VMIL's ZCorp Spectrum Z510 color 3D printer for Wolfram Research. Mathematica 6, the company's latest version of their flagship package, has native support for ZCorp's 3D file format (.zpr), allowing users to output geometry created in the Mathematica software for 3D printing using ZCorp's ZPrint application. The models shown range in size from 8 to 14 inches on their longest side. The digital files where provided by Wolfram Research ( Visualization Kernel Developer and Mathematician Ulises Cervantes Pimentel.


  • Michael Peyton , ITG, Beckman Institute , 3D printing & post-processing
  • Ulises Cervantes Pimentel , Wolfram Research , mathematical model
  • Darren Stevenson , ITG, Beckman Institute , photography
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