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The Scheme of the Nucleation of [6,6] CNT via Zipping Mechanism

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Created 02/15/2001

From top to bottom, the scheme of the NT nucleation process: Zipping of the edge of double-layer of graphite results in a sleeve structure formation. The radius of the sleeve (NT precursor) grows until the preexisting defect of the graphite sheet stops the blowing. Then a strait opens and the [6,6] nanotube detaches from the graphite main-land Bottom part of the figure shows the calculated Raman-active phonon mode of [6,6] NT. Red arrows depict atomic vibration amplitudes. For more information please visit: The images shown here were created in Cerius2 in the VMIL.


  • Ilya Zharov , CE, Beckman Institute
  • Slava V. Rotkin , CE, Beckman Institute
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