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Rigaku CT Lab HX

Now Available!

The Rigaku CT Lab HX130 is a versatile CT scanner that can cover high-resolution (2.1 µm voxel) to a large field of view (up to 200mm) scans. This benchtop micro-computed tomography (CT) scanner has an adjustable applied voltage (30 - 130kV), 39 W X-ray source, and can complete a CT scan in as short as 18 seconds. The HX is a unique scanner as it has both an adjustable source-to-object distance and source-to-detector distance allowing users more flexibility when obtaining scans.

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Primary Contacts
Secondary Contacts
Manufacturer Rigaku
Equipment Model CT Lab HX
Location B530
Phone Numbers 217-333-4972, 217-333-5493, 217-333-9311