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Fiber/Micropipette Puller

The P-2000 is a CO2 laser based micropipette/fiber puller with safety shields, enlosure and interlocks to protect user from any laser exposure. Up to 10W of CO2 laser power could be applied to melt the micropipette/fiber. The heating power, heating area and time can be controlled by internal microprocessor. The pulling timing, force and speed are also precisely adjustable.


  • Capable of pulling quartz, borosilicate and aluminosilicate glass
  • Pulls electrodes with tip diameters smaller than 0.03µm
  • The laser has no melting point limit as with conventional metal filaments
  • Fully programmable

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Primary Contacts
Secondary Contacts
Manufacturer Sutter Instrument Co.
Equipment Model P-2000
Location B650 R
Phone Numbers (217) 265-5071