Inspection Light Microscope

Inspection microscope 2020


The Zeiss AxioScope A1 is configured to perform reflected light microscopy as well as reflected light differential-interference contrast (DIC) and reflected light dark field microscopy. Images may be acquired using a Zeiss AxioCam MRc color CCD camera. The microscope is used for individual process step inspection of MEMs devices such as microstamps or microfluidic devices, alignment of either multi layer photoresist or multiple polymer layer bonding, also final inspection and evaluation of devices.The Linkam heating/freezing microscope stage THMS600 that comes with the Raman confocal microscope can also be used on this microscope. 


  • High resolution color CCD
  • Reflected Bright Field
  • Reflected Dark Field
  • Reflected Polarized Light
  • Transmitted Bright Field
  • Zeiss AxioVision LE Software

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Manufacturer Carl Zeiss, Inc.
Equipment Model AxioScope A1
Location B606 E
Phone Numbers (217) 333-4387, (217) 265-5071