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Low Speed Bone Saw

This is a precision water-cooled rotary saw intended primarily for fine sectioning of SEM samples. It utilizes a replaceable (and fragile) diamond-impregnated blade (0.3 mm thick) to cut plastic and bone as well as smaller metallurgical and petrographic samples. A variety of sample chucks can hold regularly and irregularly shaped specimens of up to about 26 mm in cross-sectional diameter. A manual micrometer permits positioning of cuts with 5-micron accuracy.


  • Low deformation cutting"
  • Diamond-impregnated blade (0.3 mm thick)
  • Large front dial for adjusting cutting speeds
  • Holds specimens of up to about 26 mm in cross-sectional diameter

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Primary Contacts
Secondary Contacts
Manufacturer Buehler
Equipment Model IsoMet Low Speed Saw
Location Wet Lab
Phone Numbers (217) 244-6928, (217) 265-5071