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NICOMP 380 ZLS Particle Sizer

Dynamic Light Scattering is a method of determining the size of particles in a liquid by measuring the intensity of light scattered from the particles to a detector over time. As the particles move due to Brownian motion the light scattered from two or more particles constructively or destructively interferes at the detector. By calculating the autocorrelation function of the light intensity and assuming a particle distribution it is possible to determine the sizes of particles from 1 nm to 5 um. This instrument is also capable of measuring the Zeta potential of particles.


  • Particle sizing from 1 nm to 5 microns

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Primary Contacts
Secondary Contacts
Manufacturer Particle Sizing Systems
Equipment Model Nicomp 380 ZLS
Location B674
Phone Numbers (217) 265-0875, (217) 333-5493