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Zeiss SteREO Discovery V20 Microscope

Stereo Discovery V20 2020

The SteREO Discovery V20 microscope is a Carl Zeiss stereomicroscope with its motorized zoom in range of 20:1. It is equipped with a motorized focus controller and a tall arm, allowing for the placement of very large specimens on the base. With a Zeiss Axiocam 820 color camera, the Zeiss Zen software, associated with the microscope, allows the documentation of settings while images are taken. The software also facilitates the acquisition of z-stack images which can be computed in the software to an extended focus image allowing you to view your entire specimen in a greater depth of field.


  • Fluorescence imaging with a PentaFluar S/X-Cite illuminator
  • High speed of >1,000 fps imaging with Phantom cameras
  • Planapochromatic corrected microscope bodies with a zoom range of 20:1
  • Zeiss Axiocam 820 color camera: 4512 × 4512 pixels, up to 28 fps.
  • Eyepiece WPL 10X/23 Br. Foc
  • Two additional camera adapters available for user's camera


  • Achromat S 0.3X, working distance 253 mm, magnification range from 2.3X to 45, object field range from 102 mm to 5.1 mm
  • Achromat S 0.63X, working distance 115 mm, magnification range from 4.7X to 94.5, object field range from 48.7 mm to 2.4 mm
  • Plan Apo S 1.5X, working distance 30 mm, magnification range from 11.3X to 225, object field range from 20.4 mm to 1.0 mm


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Manufacturer Carl Zeiss, Inc.
Equipment Model SteREO Discovery V20
Location B606 I
Phone Numbers (217) 244-6928, (217) 333-4387