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Zeiss Versa 630

Now Available!

The Versa 630 has a powerful (160kV, 25W) X-ray source capable of imaging samples ranging from soft biological tissues to large, engineered components made of high-density metals, and can output scans twice as fast as earlier models. The Zeiss Xradia series of microCT scanners utilize a “resolution at a distance” (RaaD) microscope objective magnification system unique among CT scanners that allows for sub-micron resolution imaging (500nm spatial resolution) at working distances orders of magnitude greater than comparable resolution scans on other CT scanners. This increased working distance allows for small subsections of large samples to be scanned at high resolution without the need for destructive sectioning of samples. 

The Versa is equipped with a flatpanel detector for larger samples capable of achieving a maximum field of view of 14cm^3 and its RaaD objective array consists of 0.4X, 4X, 20X and 40X objectives for smaller samples. It has an automated filter wheel to eliminate unnecessary lower energy x-rays and optimize the signal to noise ratio of scans. Both the flatpanel and 4X objectives are capable of x-ray diffraction imaging that can be used for LabDCT (laboratory diffraction contrast tomography) for non-destructive 3D crystallographic imaging to determine crystallographic orientations within materials, a technique previously only available using synchrotron x-rays. Additionally, it has a Deben in-Situ stage capable of holding samples under tension or compression during scans.


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